Friday, April 19, 2013

Don't Pass Out

Yes, I know it has been over a year since we have blogged.  There is no way that we can catch up.  So for now, a few pictures and a few comments and then we will get it going again!

We all went and saw "Wicked"  It was a great night.

Trevor with
Tami and I went to DC to visit Tommy.  We all stopped by and saw the other Thomas, Jefferson, that is.
We did a session at the DC Temple

We had a few fun trips to our favorite place on Earth!

 Just us for our Anniversary.
Eating at Flo's.

Hanging out with the newest

Just us and the love that we have because of our family.

We are amazed on how quickly time gets away from us.  We are some of the luckiest and most blessed people on Earth. We try very hard not to take all of this for granted.  We will do our best to keep this up, but if we don't, it is because we are too busy enjoying the time together and with our great family.  

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Year in Review

Shelbly and family bowling.
Trevors Birthdaly at the Lake.

Mason's Birthday.
Trevor Basketball.

Easter Sunday
Katie, Jesse and Mason at Easter.Utah for Conference.
Katie, Lauren and Taryn at Gary Jr. Wedding.
Tami, Bob and Trevor
Bob, Gary, Joan and Tommy. FAMILY!
Bob went on Trek.
Soren Birthday.
Stryder Baptism.
Trevor at the Beach.
Bob and Trevor at the Beach.
Tami, Trevor and Bob in Washington DC.
Mason and Zoe
Trevor at Band Concert.

Christmas in Disneyland.

Christmas 2011.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Disneyland February 2011

We did a few Days in Disneyland the first of the month. The weather was mild and the crowds were few. It was great to get away!

Decorated for Valentines.

Tami and Trevor

Trevor on the rope swing in California Adventure.

Trevor all wet after his 3rd run on River Rapids!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas to All!

Hope that this Christmas Season Finds you all happy, healthy and laughing!

We have enjoyed a year of relative peace and harmony. There have been some changes, but all for the good. We enjoy the support and love of family and friends, near and far.

Taryn and Ben and the kids are doing great. Stryder is in the 2nd grade and having a blast. Shelby is in kindergarten and loving the fact that she is going to school. Soren in 4 and is ready for his chance to start school. Stryder and Shelby are playing basketball this year. They are moving to a new house the first of the year and excited. They will still be within a few miles of us and we are able to visit often.

Katie, Jesse, and Mason are also doing well. In August they moved in with us to put some money away for a house. It has been entertaining having a little one back in the house. Katie cooks some great meals and has been helping Tami with keeping the house up.

Lauren and Justin just bought a house a few miles from ours. They are keeping busy by working, hanging out with friends and family, and fixing up the house. Justin is in the process of testing for Metro Police Department. Lauren still loves her job at the Dentist Office.

Trevor is now in the 5th grade. He does very well at school (except when he gets in trouble for talking!) He played basketball on a summer league this year, and regular season has just started. He received his Arrow of Light award in Cub Scouts and is now an 11 year old Scout. He is looking forward to the upcoming campouts and hikes. He keeps us young!

Tami is feeling pretty good. She continues to work and cart Trevor around and help out in his class every Friday.

In August, Bob received a new job at work. He is now the Human Resources Coordinator for 19 stores in the Las Vegas area. He loves it. Any just a few weeks ago, he was put in as the 1st Counselor in the Bishopric. He also turned 50 this year. We celebrated with a party at home and then a surprise party at Goofy's Kitchen at Disneyland with both his Brothers and Sister and their families. We had a great couple of days together!

Just a few weeks ago, we took our whole family to Disneyland for their Christmas present. We had 13 of us. Some of Jesse's family also joined us, so that made 16, and on Monday, Joan and her family came up and that made 20. Despite the rain and illness, everyone had a blast.

We have been very blessed to be surrounded by people we love and who love us. We are grateful for health, jobs, and blessings that we are showered with. May this time of year also find you feeling the same. Have a great 2011!


Bob, Tami, and Trevor

Monday, December 20, 2010


Disneyland with the whole family. Need I say more!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Toys for Tots

Here is this years Toy for Tots commercial that I did for work. I did one last year also. It is showing on channel 8 here in Vegas.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Ode to 50

Now that it has been a couple of weeks and I have gotten used to the fact that I have turned 50, I can talk about what a great day that Birthday was.

I was surrounded by family and got some really great gifts. (Thanks Dear for the IPAD!) One of the gifts was this poem that my son-in-law Ben wrote for me.

On August 22nd the day you arrived
I think the world would have been surprised
That such a small bundle would one day be
The man that would work for Donny and Marie
From the House of Fabrics and BYU
You'd get a women to fall for you
You made the wise choice to make her your wife
And start the rest of your wonderful life
And then the best thing for you and for me
You started your beautiful family
It started with Taryn and then came Katie
The next was Lauren and that way you'd be
Until that fateful day Tami would say
That there was one more on the way
Another girl would have been such a joy
But dang it, he had to be a boy!
Little did you know then one day you'd see
That without him would your family be
What it is today without the little man
To complete the rest of this Day clan?
There have been lots of things along the way
Things that have led you to today
And throught all the challenges for you
You've overcome what few others do
Even after those summers from hell that you had
You managed to be the most wonderful dad
The constant rock for us to lean on
The cheerleader that helped all of us to be strong
For all the times that you yelled "REBOUND!"
To making us always feel welcome around
Even when our choices make things hard
You come to our rescue and then stand guard
And so on the day that you hit big five o
I want to say that you're my hero
We love you so much our special Dad
And thank you for all of the love that you've had

Thank you Ben.

Thank you to my Wonderful Family! This being 50 is not so bad.